EOE Outdoor Seminar 2013

Tid: 5 - 9 jun kl 15:00 - 22:00, 2013

Welcome to the EOE Seminar 2013 in Stockholm - “Urban nature: inclusive learning through youth work and school work”

5th – 9th June, 2013, at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH), Stockholm, Sweden.

Host and partners

The seminar is hosted by:

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH)

In partnership with the:

Collaborating partners:


This seminar will bring together practitioners and academics from around Europe who are interested in outdoor and experiential education linked to formal education and non-formal youth work. It is aimed at schoolteachers, university staff and youth workers from various fields of practice. The seminar will examine the different ways and purposes of approaching and using nature in outdoor education. Networks for practical cooperation and knowledge transfer will also be created.

Seminar theme

This seminar has a particular focuses on urban nature. An increased globalisation and the growth of cities have made it even more important to highlight the boundaries between nature and civilisation from educational and experiential perspectives. The possibilities and limitations of urban nature are also linked to issues of democracy and inclusion due to the displayed social and cultural patterns of various outdoor practices.

Based on the overall theme the seminar will be organised around three topics:

  1. Classical outdoor activities - Formal or informal educational or experiential outdoor practices involving classical outdoor activities (e.g. hiking, kayaking, biking, sailing etc) that are realized in urban nature or in nature integrated into urban spaces.
  2. Adventurous and risky outdoor activities - Formal or informal educational or experiential outdoor practices involving adventurous and risky activities (e.g. parkour, skateboarding, climbing etc) in urban nature or in nature integrated into urban spaces.
  3. Outdoor practices as a tool for social integration - Formal or informal educational or experiential outdoor practices as a mean for integrating people with various socio-cultural background (gender, social class, ethnicity, disability etc).

Registration and payment

Registration for the EOE Seminar is closed. For those who have registered and have not yet paid their fee, follow instructions for payment in the confirmation mail you have recieved. If you have further questions about registration and payment, contact giheoereg@konf.su.se.

1. First, please read this document with information regarding registration and payment for the EOE seminar.

2. Second, for registration and payment, please click here 

Campus GIH

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences is located right next to Stockholm Stadion, in the city of Stockholm although with the nature right nearby. The EOE Seminar will take place at Campus GIH although the accomodation is located at youth hostel STF af Chapman about 30-40 min walk from GIH. Here you can find a map with a marked route from STF af Chapman to GIH.

Roaddescription from hostel STF af Chapman to GIH

Due to the distance we recommend you to bring all the things you need during the day when you leave to GIH in the morning. There is no public bus or subway just outside the door, but if you do not want to walk all the way, the nearest public transport is either bus nr. 55 or the subway from Östermalmstorg to Stadion. You can find a travelplanner for the public transport system on sl.se .

Accomodation at STF af Chapman

Accommodation will be at the STF Hostel af Chapman & Skeppsholmen, beautifully located by the water in central Stockholm. You will be accommodated in shared rooms for 2-6 persons, breakfast, towel and linen. Toilets and shovers are located in the hall.

Transport to Stockholm

There are three different airports located nearby Stockholm with international flight connections:

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Stockholm Bromma Airport

From the airports, the cheapest way to get into Stockholm City is by Airport Coaches. For more information visit flygbussarna.se. From most European countries it is also possible to travel to Stockholm by train, bus or ferry.

General information

Name badge

Please wear your name badge while attending the sessions and events, as it indicates that you are registered and permittet to attend.

Oral paper presentations

Each presenter of papers will have 20-25 minutes for the presentation and 5-10 minutes for questions/discussions. Make sure you download your presentation to the computer in your lecture room before your session begins. There is a roomkeeper in each lecture room who will assist you with practical matters. Each session also has a chair person who is responsible for time keeping and introduction of each presenter. Please introduce yourself to the chair before your session begins.

Poster session

The poster session is Thursday June 6th at 14.00–15.00 in a hall next to the restaurant. An award for best poster will be given at the dinner on Saturday. For those who are presenting posters, please bring them to the reception when you arrive.

Practical workshops

There are a few scheduled sessions with practical workshops during the seminar. The time allocated to these workshops is 90 min. Most of the workshops will take place outside, although some of them might also have part of the workshop inside. If some workshops will take place in the forest nearby GIH, the 90 min includes walking there and back. If you are holding a practical workshops, please contact Erik when you arrive to check details with time, material etc.

Outdoor activities

During the seminar, there will be several formal and informal opportunities for outdoor activities. Therefore we would like to encourage you to bring suitable outdoor clothes, both for sun and rain.

Sauna and physical activities

For those who are interested, there will also be opportunities for indoor training and sauna at GIH.


All seminar participants have free access to the Internet through wireless network at Campus GIH. Access codes for wireless Internet will be available at the reception.


Voltage: 220-240 V. Primary Socket Type: Europlug.

Meals and refreshments

All meals will be served at Ling-baren, the restaurant at GIH. There is a bar at the restaurant with different beverages for purchase.

Credit cards

All major credit cards are accepted at the restaurant at GIH, and at most restaurants, hotels and stores in Sweden.

Medical care

You can call the Stockholm Health Care Guide Hotline (Vårdguiden) free of charge (minus the small charge for a local phone call) for medical advice 24 hours a day by calling +46(0)8 320 100. Press option #1 for general information about health care in Stockholm and #3 for personal advice by a nurse. For more information, visit vardguiden.se.

Emergency number

General emergency number (police, ambulance, firefighters etc): 112. If you run into other problems during the seminar, you are welcome to call Erik Backman at +46 (0)70 459 97 00.

Transport within Stockholm

There is a well developed public transport system in Stockholm with buses and subway. If you need to buy tickets, there are ticket-machines available at the subway-stations. You can also buy tickets from small stores such as Pressbyrån and Seven-Eleven.

Shower and wardrobe at GIH

During the seminar, you will have access to showers and sauna at GIH. Due to the distance between STF af Chapman and GIH (approx. 30-40 min walk) we recommend you to bring all the things you need during the day to GIH. There will be a guarded wardrobe by the reception at GIH where you store your things during the day.

Publication of papers

During the seminar, you will be encouraged to submit a written paper of your presentation. The paper must be in English with a length of 5-10 pages. The submissions will result in an E-book. If we find a financial solution, perhaps there will also be a publication in paper. Deadline for submissions will be August 30th.

Programme and abstracts

Programme and abstracts


PDF presentations from the EOE seminar


If you have questions: contact erik.backman@gih.se

Address to this webpage: www.gih.se/EOE2013  

Host and partners

The Seminar is hosted by:


In partnership with:


Collaborating partners: