Professor of sport science, specialising in exercise physiology



Employment decision

Posted 2019-02-01
Posted until 2019-02-23
Reference number GIH 2017/399

Decision about appointment to Professorship in sport sciences, specializing in excersice physioloy

The vice-chancellor has on January 31, 2019 decided to appoint Abram Katz to a professorship from March 1, 2019.

How to appeal

If an individual wants to appeal against the decision about appointment to professorship at the Swedish school of sport and health sciences, GIH the individual must do so in writing.

The appeal shall be sent to Registrator, GIH, Box 5626, 114 86 Stockholm. The letter must state which decision the individual is appealing against, how the decision should be changed (in his or her view) and the reason why the decision should be changed.

The appeal must reach GIH no later than February 22, 2019, i.e. within three weeks from the date the employment decision was posted on GIH's notice board. If an individual does not appeal within the time limit, GIH is entitled to dismiss the appeal.

GIH will after preparation of the matter forward the appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Board.

Stockholm February 1, 2019

Kimmy Tran Ho

Personnel department

To be notified to the applicants on GIH:s webpage.


The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, is the oldest sport university in the World. The school is located next to Stockholm Stadium and is Sweden's leading centre of knowledge for sport, physical activity and health. We educate teachers in sport and health, trainers, health pedagogs, sport managers, sport experts and researchers. GIH conducts sport science research, often in close collaboration with other universities and societal partners both nationally and internationally. Today GIH has about 140 employees and 1000 students.

GIH is advertising the position of

Professor of sport science, specialising in exercise physiology

In the department of Sport and Health Sciences.

Description of the field

Sport Science with a specialisation in integrative exercise physiology includes research of adaptions of the human body to physical activity in different conditions.

Duties and responsibilities

Exercise physiology is an important and traditionally strong field of knowledge at GIH in terms of research, teaching and external interaction.

GIH has state of the art laboratories in physiology, biomechanics and applied sport science. The successful applicant will lead and develop activities in the physiology laboratory and is expected to have a broad methodological expertise. The primary duties are within exercise physiology research and doctoral education. Duties also include teaching at undergraduate and masters level and societal interaction. The successful applicant is expected to perform additional professor's duties such as administrative tasks, internal and external expert duties and representation of the scientific field nationally and internationally.

Qualification requirements

According to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance (4 chapter 3§) applicants who have demonstrated both scientific and pedagogic expertise within the advertised position's field are qualified for employment as a professor. A general requirement is the ability to cooperate and general appropriateness for the position.

Assessment criteria

During the appointment process, scientific expertise will be prioritised above pedagogic expertise followed by additional merits. Special importance will be given to personal suitability for the position.

A combined assessment of these criteria will be performed. All assessment criteria must be documented.

1. Scientific expertise

The list is not ranked in order of importance.

- internationally renowned within the position's scientific field (documented by e.g. invited lectures, external examiner and opponent duties),

- independent research work which both quantitatively and qualitatively considerably exceeds the requirements for associate professor (docent in Sweden),

- high quality scientific publications in international peer reviewed journals,

- experience as a research leader, project leader expertise and experience in developing and leading research activity,

- track record of receiving own national and international competitive research grants from research councils, foundations, industry etc.,

- ongoing international research collaboration,

- main supervision of PhD students with completed PhD degrees,

- documented present PhD student supervision and research activity.

2. Pedagogic expertise

The list is not ranked in order of importance.

- completed pedagogic education or similar,

- pedagogic experience and expertise in different teaching formats at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels, documented to indicate both quality and quantity,

- independent responsibility for courses or course elements and for education development at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.

3. Personal suitability

Personal suitability for the position, i.e. additional capabilities required to fulfill the position's requirements such as an ability to cooperate as described in GIH's employee and leadership policy.

4. Additional merits

- certification as a medical doctor is a special merit,

- administrative or other expertise of relevance in terms of the scientific field and duties and responsibilities of the position.

- societal interaction and the ability to communicate research and development work,

- a competent level of written and spoken English.

Application process

The application shall include the following documents:

- Short explanation of the applicant's motivation for applying for the position and future ambitions within the framework of the position.

- CV.

- Complete publication list. Articles in peer reviewed journals shall be in a separate list. Abstracts should be included in the list of publications.

- List of 10 specific, chosen articles, which shall accompany the application.

- Documentation of merits concerning ongoing and completed supervision. Either include the PhD theses for which the applicant was main supervisor or list the articles included in the theses together with a copy of the Acknowledgement for each documented supervisor position. The PhD students' names and dates for their PhD defense shall be included. Main and co-supervision shall be clearly indicated in the documentation.

- Summary of competitive research grants received by the applicant during the last five years, listed for each year with the amount and information concerning the granting agency and who was/is main applicant for the grant.

- Personal scientific report in which the applicant briefly describes completed scientific projects and research plans for the next years. Studies, results and other achievements which the applicant deems particularly relevant for the assessment should be clearly indicated.

- Description of pedagogic merits indicating the applicant's competence in initiating, developing and conducting new teaching course elements, courses and teaching methods. Merits concerning doctoral education shall be emphasized.

- Description of the applicant's administrative experience.

- Description of the applicant's experience and merits concerning the so-called third task.

- Copies of the grades and other documentation the applicant refers to. These must be attested.

- Contact details for three reference persons who can describe the applicant's professional expertise and also personal characteristics of relevance to the position, e.g. leadership skills and cooperative capabilities.

If requested applicants must be prepared to at short notice provide GIH with further articles from the list of publications, apart from the ten attached to the application.

GIH uses interviews, test lectures and contacts with references. GIH actively works for diversity and equality within all employment categories. We therefore encourage applicants with different backgrounds and experiences.

Duration/Time of employment

The position is a full-time tenure track position with beginning date to be agreed upon.


Salary is set on an individual basis.


Information concerning the appointment can be provided by vice chancellor Karin Larsén, tel 08‑120 537 06 and by Professor Peter Schantz tel 08-120 538 18.

Union representatives are Anna Ekenberg, SACO-S, tel 08-120 538 02, and Marjan Pontén, OFR/S, tel 08- 120 538 17.


Applications identified with GIH 2017/399 shall be sent to the vice-chancellor of GIH, Box 5626, 114 86 Stockholm or emailed to Deadline for receiving applications is November 26, 2017.