PhD positions announced at GIH


  • Notification 2017-06-29
  • Removal 2017-07-20
  • Dnr GIH 2017/10


Vice Chancellor Karin Larsén decided on the 29 June 2017 to employ Emil Bojsen-Moller and Sebastian Edman as PhD students from 1 July 2017 until 30 June, 2018,

Jesper Karlsson from 14 August 2017 until 13 August, 2018 and Michael Flockhart and Lisa-Marie Larisch from 1 September until 31 August, 2018.

This decision can not be appealed against.

Stockholm, June 29, 2017

Susanne Löthman

Personnel Department


The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, is the oldest sport university in the World. The school is located next to Stockholm Stadium and is Sweden's leading center of knowledge for sport, physical activity and health. We educate teachers in sport and health, coaches, health educators, sport managers, sport experts and researchers. GIH conducts sport science research, often in close collaboration with other universities and societal partners both nationally and internationally. Today GIH has 140 employees and about 1000 students.

PhD positions announced at GIH

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, announces positions as PhD students in the field of sports sciences with the topics outlined below.

GIH is the only university in Sweden with the topic of sports, physical activity and health as a research field. GIH has a tradition of prominent multidisciplinary research with excellence in a wide spectrum of research questions. GIH's education and research activity is divided into the three fields: physical activity and health, culture and learning and performance and training.

Swedish description of the research directions

During May 2017, GIH advertise five positions as PhD student in sports science with the following topics:

  • The organization of youth club sport, with a special focus on commercialization trends,
  • Physical activity and mental health,
  • Aerobic capacity and physical activity patterns for cognitive function and neuroplasticity among office workers,
  • Early specialization and healthy engagement in aesthetic sports and dance:
    Exploring perfectionism, motivation and parental involvement
  • Influence of nutrition on training adaptation.

Entry requirements for PhD studies

The entry requirements for the PhD program in sport science are:

  • That the applicant has a completed degree at Master's (second-cycle) level, at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 are at Master's level, or generally equivalent knowledge acquired by other means, inside or outside Sweden.
  • That the applicant has the required additional capacities to succeed with PhD studies.


The application for acceptance into the program shall include the following attested documents:

  • Master's degree/diploma or other documents proving that the entry requirements are satisfied,
  • Seconds cycle thesis (magister or masters thesis),
  • Application form for: Ansökan till utbildning på forskarnivå,
  • Concise research plan (maximum 7000 characters including spaces) describing the intended research project and how the research is intended to be conducted (background, methods, working plan, relevance of expected results and how they will be presented) and
  • CV with at least two references.

Swedish description of application to the PhD program.

Admission and employment

The rules for employing PhD students are in the regulations SFS 1998:80 (Swedish Code of Statutes). In order to be employed as PhD student one must have been admitted in a PhD program.


A selection is made from the applicants based upon their capacity for successfully completing the PhD program. An important selection criteria is the research field and quality of the advanced level thesis (magister or masters thesis) and the short research plan included in the application.

Additional conditions

We assume you will be present at the university to complete courses and seminars and that you actively participate in our research environment. Apart from the requirement of working on your own education, the PhD student is also encouraged to use a part of the position in teaching, research and administrative work in accordance with specific rules in the Higher Education Ordinance. In order to prepare the PhD student for a continued career within academia, GIH encourages them to plan their PhD program over five years with 20 per cent of department duties. The department shall provide teaching experience and courses in the pedagogical development area can be accredited.

Further, Swedish information concerning employment as a PhD student and the PhD program at GIH can be found here: våra webbsidor om utbildning på forskarnivå vid GIH.

GIH works towards diversity and equality and encourages applicants with different backgrounds and experiences.

Duration/working time

Time limited position for four years fulltime according to the Higher Educational Ordinance 5 chapter 7§ with employment starting at the earliest on the 1 July 2017.


Salary is regulated according to a local settlement for a salary progression for PhD students.

Additional information

Further information can be provided by:

Toni Arndt (Dean of Research and Doctoral Education) 08-120 537 39

Camilla Norrbin (research administrator) 08-120 537 14

Anna Ekenberg (SACO-S) 08-120 538 02

Marjan Pontén (OFR/S) 08-120 538 17


The application, identified with Dnr: GIH 2017/10 shall be sent to and must be at GIH at the latest on the 2017-05-01. The application shall be converted to one pdf file. Please follow the instructions for the application and to have all documents attested.