Associate Senior Lecturer in sports science, biostatistics and epidemiology with a focus on physical activity for health (100%)


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The Swedish School of Sport and health Sciences, GIH, is the world's oldest sports university. GIH is located at Stockholm Stadium and is Sweden's foremost knowledge center for sports, physical activity and health. Here, physical education teachers, sports coaches, health educators, sports managers, sports scientists and researchers are trained. GIH conducts sports science research, often in close collaboration with other institutions and stakeholders in society, at both national and international level. GIH currently has 140 employees and about 1,000 students.

Stockholm, Stockholms län

Ref: GIH 2019/34

Description of the field

Sports science is a multidisciplinary subject that takes its starting point in sporting practices that are illuminated from humanistic and social science and medical and natural science perspectives. At GIH there are teaching and research within the human-biological, humanistic and social science fields.
An Associate Senior Lecturer position is a tenure track position that provides the holder of the position with an opportunity to develop an independence as a researcher and give a scientific as well as pedagogical qualification to fulfill the requirements for eligibility for permanent position as associate professor.
In recent years, GIH has established an interdisciplinary research environment in which we study neurophysiological and psychological mechanisms for how fitness, sedentary behaviour and physical activity patterns can promote healthy brain functions. We conduct studies on the specific conditions of childhood, adulthood and old age. Our work includes co-producing knowledge together with Swedish industry, NGOs, sports organizations, schools and the health care. We also deepen our understanding of how physical environment, organization, leadership and pedagogy enable socially sustainable cultures for physical activity. 


The holder of the position is expected to conduct research in the research and education environment Physical activity, healthy brain functions and sustainability by supporting on-going and initiating new research on how physical activity, sedentary and fitness affect cardio metabolic factors and mental health conditions.

The position includes tasks normally associated with an Associate Senior Lecturer, such as teaching and research, supervision of thesis at the advanced level. Supervision and teaching at postgraduate level may be included. Furthermore, course administration tasks as well as course development at advanced level in biostatistics and epidemiology with a focus on physical activity. In addition, internal and external assignments as well as national and international representation may be a part of the duties.

GIH is a small institution with a strong brand that attracts various collaborative partners and financiers. As an employee you get the opportunity to work in a broad role together with committed colleagues with differing backgrounds and professions. GIH is an institution that provides space for quality, commitment and innovation.

In particular, the teaching will consist of developing and implementing courses at the advanced level in the field of biostatistics and epidemiology with a focus on physical activity for health with relevance for health promotion in adults and children. This will be performed in collaboration with colleagues and external partners. The holder is also expected to actively participate in writing applications for funding in collaboration with colleagues.

Eligibility requirments

Eligibility requirements for this position are;

  • Doctoral degree in a relevant field,
  • Ability to collaborate as well as the ability and suitability otherwise required for the employment, which is described in, among other things, GIH's co-workers policy.

An applicant who lacks formal training in higher education of at least 7.5 credits and who is not considered to have acquired corresponding knowledge in any other way shall undergo such training during the first two years of employment.

Assessment criteria

For this position, the following assessment criteria have been established:

  • very strong emphasis is put on scientific skill regarding research in the field of research physical activity biostatistics and epidemiology,
  • very strong emphasis is put on personal suitability for the employment, that is, the ability that is otherwise needed to be able to fulfil the job well, such as organizational ability, good ability to collaborate and good communicative ability.
  • strong emphasis is put on attached to documented ability to interact with the surrounding society and with representatives of the research field both nationally and internationally,
  • strong emphasis is put on good ability to express themselves in speech and writing in English,
  • strong emphasis is put on documented pedagogical skills as well as experience in teaching and supervision in the direction of employment,
  • emphasis is put on administrative skill that is of importance for the tasks that are included in the employment.

Employment period and salary

This full time position is a tenure track position that applies for four years, with the possibility to be transformed into a permanent position as a Senior Lecturer. The planned start date is September 1, 2019 or upon agreement. Individual salary is applied.

Application procedure

Applications are submitted via our website by clicking on the "Ansök" button. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the application is complete and in accordance with the advertisement. All documents should be attached electronically and must be in MS Word (.doc/.docx format) or as an Adobe portable document format (.pdf-file).

The application must include the following documents:

  • A compilation of education, employment, pedagogical, scientific and administrative qualifications and management assignments (CV),
  • A brief written account of scientific, educational and other activities,
  • A full list of scientific and educational publications. Among these, the applicant must identify a maximum of 10 papers that of relevance for the position, and these publications must be attached in full length to the application,
  • Contact information to at least two reference persons. 

The application must reach GIH no later than March 10, 2019.

You shall be able to verify the qualifications listed in the application upon request. GIH promotes diversity and gender equality within all categories of employment. We welcome applicants with different backgrounds and experiences. We firmly decline all contact with staffing and recruitment agencies and job ad salespersons