Ny bok 2014: Urban nature

Nyheten publicerad | 2014-09-15

Ny bok 2014: Urban nature: inclusive learning through youth work and school work. Redaktörer är Erik Backman från GIH, samt Barbara Humberstone och Chris Loynes

Omslag Urban nature

Boken behandlar friluftsliv och vårt förhållande till naturen i stadsnära miljöer och baseras på presentationer vid konferensen EOE Seminar 2013.

About the book

An increased globalization and growth of cities also highlights the boundaries between nature and civilization from educational and experiential perspectives, especially with regards to issues of democracy and inclusion. From this perspective, much of modern outdoor education can be understood as 'urban' wherever the people come from or wherever the activity takes place. This book, building upon papers presented on the EOE Seminar 2013, takes its departure within how our notions of nature are related to the urbanization of people.

The following authors have contributed to this book: Erik Backman, Barbara Humberstone, Chris Loynes, Klas Sandell, Sue Waite, Rowena Passy, Martin Gilchrist, Maija Venäläinen, Laura Kuusinen, David Brown, Katharina Seyfferth, Jakob F. Þorsteinsson, Diane Collins, Elizabeth Nasimbwa, Steve Bowles, Fiona Nicholls, Mark Leather and Peter Becker.

The EOE Seminar 2013 - «Urban nature: inclusive learning through youth work and school work», hosted by The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) in partnership with Friluftsfrämjandet, The European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE) and the European Union (Youth in Action Programme), took place at GIH in Stockholm over four days from 5th to 9th June 2013. Collaborating partners were also Svenska Turistföreningen (STF) and National Centre of Outdoor Education (NCU).