Sport Pedagogy Research

Physical education and sport pedagogy research has been carried out at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH (formerly Stockholm University College of Physical Education and Sports) since the mid 1970's, and in cooperation with the Stockholm Institute of Education (now part of Stockholm University) since 1967.   

Research interest has mainly been targeted at educational issues relating to schools' and children's sporting practices, although in recent years it has also included young people's and adults' recreational cultures.  

Within the research group for education, sport and recreation cultures, headed by professor Håkan Larsson, eleven postgraduate students have so far defended doctoral theses.  

Central research questions include how knowledge, skills, attitudes and values within and regarding sport – in its widest sense – are conveyed, under which circumstances this occurs and the effects it has.   

The importance of sport, exercise and the outdoor life in people’s lives and in the formation of identities and lifestyles has also been studied.  

Another area of interest is the significance of sport as a norm communicator. In recent years, issues relating to young people's recreational cultures and health education have also been examined.   

Research is primarily carried out in the following areas:

  • The school subject of physical education and health.
  • Teaching, learning and appraisal
  • Physical activity in school environments 
  • Children's and young people's recreational and sporting practices 
  • Adults' exercise habits and lifestyles
  • Outdoor life 
  • Experience dimensions of sport 
  • Sport leaders and leadership issues 
  • Sport as a communicational and fostering environment 
  • Sport and ethnicity 
  • Sport and gender issues