Sub-project 1- Cross-sectional study

How do the different components in human physical activity patterns influence healthy brain function? The aim of sub-project 1 is to answer this question.

It is possible that sitting still intermingled with moderate to high-intensive physical activity (exercise) promotes healthy brain function through somewhat different mechanisms. To understand these connections by studying individuals representing a cross-section of people with office jobs will provide a foundation for answering the project's overarching research question – How can physical activity promote healthy brain function?

In sub-project 1, employees with common office jobs at Intrum Justitia AB and Ica Gruppen AB are invited to participate as test subjects for the research project.

The tests are designed to identify how different components of objectively-measured physical activity are connected to healthy brain function. Healthy brain function is defined to include cognition (the ability to think) and physical health, such as resistance to stress.

Even potential mediators, such as fitness and sleep quality, as well as possible moderators such as age, gender and educational background will be studied.

The results of the cross-sectional study under sub-project 1 will be used to design sub-project 2, which involves more in-depth studies in laboratory environments, in order to understand which physical activity patterns are best for promoting cerebral health in individuals with jobs that involve sitting still.

Project leader: docent Victoria Blom