Health Education and Promotion programme

The Health Education and Promotion programme, Hälsopedagogprogrammet, comprises 180 credits, three years of full-time studies. The programme is intended for those who want to work with health from an individual perspective and underpin it with an organisational and societal perspective.

The Health Education and Promotion programme focuses on the following target groups: adults and older people, people in need of physical activity on prescription (PaP) and people with an interest in more advanced personal training.

As a qualified Health Educator from GIH, you have access to a broad labour market within trade and industry as well as the public sector. Your work can be very varied and together with other personnel categories, you will develop and implement health-related projects at your future workplace. Another possible labour market is where you work in collaboration with the health care sector and other actors with PaP and counselling. The programme leads to a Bachelor of Science in Sport, which is a good foundation for further master's studies and possibly postgraduate studies.

  • Information about the programme and the programme syllabus can be found in our course catalogue (in Swedish). 

Courses and modules

Working with strength training for elderly