About the library for students

Welcome to the GIH Library!

The library at GIH is the only library in Sweden specialised on sports science. You can borrow the text books on your course reading list, as well as other books. You can also read magazines and use the library web site for information searching for different study assignments. The library is also available for individual study, with a dedicated silent area.

In the library catalogue you’ll find the available books and other materials. The library catalogue, as well as other information sources in sports sciences is available on our web site: www.gih.se/bibliotek . (To be able to change language, please search for anything in the search box to go directly to the catalogue.)

You can borrow and return books by using the self service machine in the library. It’s also possible to renew your loans and reserve books through the library catalogue. To be able to do this you need an identification number (usually your birth date), together with a four digit pin code.

Reminders to return books, and to pick up reserved books, will be sent by e-mail to the address stated by you.

When you activate your library account you agree to follow the rules below.

As library patron at GIH you agree to:

  • return or renew books on time
  • inform the library about changes to your address or phone number
  • take personal responsibility for your loans, and to pay for lost or damaged books

The loan period is 4 weeks, except for text books which have 1 week loan period. It’s possible to renew the loan period if there is no queue. 

N.B. – Text books have a 1 week loan period. If you return the book too late the fee is 20 SEK per book and day.

To be able to give you access to the GIH library and online resources we need to handle your personal data (name, address, birth date, phone number and e-mail address). Learn more about this on https://www.gih.se/In-English/About-GIH/Processing-your-personal-data/.

Please ask the staff in the library if you need help or something is unclear!

The library staff wishes you a warm welcome to GIH!