International collaboration

GIH aims to be a natural partner for collaboration to both Europe and foreign higher education institutions that carry out high quality research and education within the area of physical activity, sports and health. 

Through international contacts and collaboration, the frames of reference will be widened for students, teachers and researchers. The international perspectives will also contribute to the understanding of other cultures. To allow for broadened capability among researchers to communicate in languages other than Swedish, GIH also enables recruitment of teachers and students from foreign countries.

Staff mobility

Outgoing staff in exchange activities will maintain their full salaries, have an extended insurance cover and have a per diem according to the general agreement for the public service. On their return to GIH, exchange staff is expected to disseminate experiences in a written report and in discussions within their respective departments.

GIH recognizes that international contacts and cooperation widens the staff and student frames of reference, new knowledge is perceived and made available and the assessment of quality can be made with a wider perspective.

International Office

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