Learning Agreement and Transcript of records

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is made to guarantee the exchange students' academic recognition. It is a form in which the students list the courses they plan to take. For each course the title, the course code and the ECTS credits should be stated.

The Learning Agreement should be signed by the student, the home institution and GIH prior to the student's arrival in Stockholm, and immediately be updated when changes occur. The Learning Agreement form is usually provided by the students' home university.

Grading system

At GIH two different grading scales are used:

  • - Godkänd (G) - Underkänd (U),  Pass - Fail
  • - Väl godkänt (VG) - Godkänt (G) - Underkänd (U), Pass with Distinction - Pass - Fail. 

Grades are awarded in relation to the learning objectives of the course. 

Transcript of Records

Upon completion of the exchange studies, an official transcript of records will be issued by the International Office at GIH. 

The transcript of records documents the performance of a student by listing the courses taken and the ECTS credits gained.