Costs and financing

Cost of living

A Swedish student has approximately SEK 9 000 per month at his/her disposal for living expenses. The following budget example will give you an idea of living costs for students in Stockholm:

Monthly living costs: 

  • Food: 2 000
  • Accommodation: 4 600
  • Course literature: 500
  • Telephone/Internet: 300
  • Local transport: 620
  • Clothes, leisure etc: 1 000

TOTAL SEK: 9 020

Depending on your choice of courses at GIH there might be expenses for equipment (for skiing, skating, hiking etc).

Banking and invoice payments

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in Sweden, in particular VISA, Eurocard, MasterCard and American Express. In fact, many cafés, restaurants and other small businesses dont accept cash payment. Please check that your credit card is valid during your stay in Sweden and that international payments in Sweden are possible. It is a good idea to check whether your bank at home has a Swedish banking partner.

In Sweden most citizens use their online banking system to pay invoices and other banking activities. When staying in Sweden you will need to pay some invoices (eg. rent), which is done easily through the online services your bank may provide. Otherwise you'll need to find a bank that handles cash, and pay a fee of approximately 80 -100 SEK per invoice.

Non-European students

Before granting you a residence permit, (if you come from a country outside the EU/EES) the Swedish Migration Board will ask you to prove that you will have enough financial means (in the form of personal funds, scholarships or other) to cover your expenses during your entire stay in Sweden.


GIH provides some scholarships for registered students at GIH, see information about scholarships on our Swedish website.

The Study in Sweden website has information on Swedish scholarships available for international students who are planning to study in Sweden.