GIH manages a very limited number of student rooms for incoming exchange students. Student accommodation cannot be guaranteed. 

Please note that, due to the shortage of housing, finding accommodation in Stockholm can be difficult. Exchange students accepted to study at GIH will receive information about available student rooms and how to apply. Student rooms will, if available, be distributed on a "first come first serve" basis. 

GIH student rooms

The rooms are located in SSSB's student recidence Jerum, close to GIH. The rooms have own wc/shower and are furnished with a bed (with mattress), a pillow and a quilt, a chair, a wardrobe, a desk and sometimes a bookshelf. The kitchen is to be shared with other students in the corridor. Internet connection is included in the rent, as well as heating and electricity.

The renting period is for one semester or the academic year: September - Janary and/or January - June. Rent has to be paid in advance. Please note that a householders' comprehensive insurance must be arranged for the period of stay.

In case GIH:s student rooms are booked, or if you intend to find your own accomodation, the earlier you start searching, the more likely you are to find suitable accommodation.

Be prepared to spend some time in a hostel or other short-term accommodaiton, if you haven't found a place to live before you arrive in Stockholm. 

For more information, check this guide on how to look for housing in Stockholm.

Links to student accommodation

Akademisk Kvart (aimed at students and researchers)

SSSB (largest student housing provider in Stockholm, queuing system)

Blocket (only in Swedish)

Bostad direkt (website second-hand housing)


Please be aware that there are many adverts on the internet that are scams so make sure that you check all the information, visit the place of stay, sign an agreement and do not pay any deposit or rent in advance.