Exchange students

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, has cooperation agreements with a number of partner universities, mainly in Europe, through Erasmus+ and Nordplus. 

International engagement is important for GIH and each semester we welcome exchange students from our partneruniversities to study one or two semesters in Stockholm.  

Study at GIH as an exchange student 

To be eligible to study as an exchange student at GIH, you need to be selected and nominated as an exchange student by one of our partner universities. Please contact the International Office at your home university for information on how to apply.

If you are an international freemover student (not participating in an exchange programme), read more here about how to apply.


Note that courses at the undergraduate level (Bachelor level) are given in Swedish. Exchange students with limited knowlegde in the Swedish language can be offered to follow the more practical courses in Swedish with English support. This is subject to agreement and availability. 

For exchange at masters level courses in English are available, but the course offer varies from semester to semester. Please see our course web for further information.

For exchange students at PhD level special arrangements will be made.

International Office

Contact information for the International Office

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