PhD student in Sport Science

PhD student in Sport Science in the area of physiology, muscle mitochondrial function and exercise - a description of a PhD project

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The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, invites applications for a PhD position in Sport Science in the area of physiology, muscle mitochondrial function and exercise.

GIH in Stockholm has, as the only independent specialist college in the country, the comission to conduct training and research in sport, physical activity and health. Research at GIH explores issues in the field of sport sciences with different starting points, human biology as well as humanities and social sciences.

The research at GIH often requires a multidisciplinary approach, in which various lines of research are mutually supportive. GIH benefits of the presence of multiple scientific disciplines since research is conducted both in the field of human biology as well as humanities and social sciences.

GIH’s research has three fields of interests: culture and learning, physical activity and health and performance and training.

PhD project

The unit Performance and Training at GIH is now accepting applications for a doctoral degree (PhD) position in the research area of muscle metabolism and exercise in humans. The successful candidate will join the research group of the Åstrand Laboratory focusing on muscle metabolic responses to acute exercise and training in diverse populations with emphasis on exercise performance and/or health promotion. 

The Workplace

Research projects in the Åstrand Laboratory include the investigation of muscle metabolic, mitochondrial and circulatory responses to acute exercise, and adaptations to training and dietary intervention/factors in varying environments.

Experimental methods applied include biochemical, histochemical and imaging analyses of muscle tissue along with respirometry methods for mitochondrial function.

Cardiovascular measures of blood flow in the exercising human include dye-dilution, thermodilution, and near-infrared spectroscopy together with analyte measures from blood and interstitium.


Application form in English

Reference number: Ö 2013/301. Completed applications should be sent electronically to: (registrator at Documents must be in pdf or word-format. The application must arrive to GIH the 7th of January 2014.

You will find more general information in swedish about the PhD studies at GIH here, use Google translate. For questions please contact professor Robert Boushel.