Doktorsavhandlingar samt licentiatuppsatser från GCI-GIH:s fysiologiska grupp, nuvarande Åstrandlaboratoriet.

1952 Per-Olof Åstrand  "Experimental studies of physical working capacity in relation to sex and age".  

1952 Sven Carlsöö "Nervous coordination and mechanical function of the mandibular elevators. An electromyographic study of the activity, and an anatomic analysis of the mechanics of the muscles". 

1956 Wilhelm von Döbeln "Human standard and maximal metabolic rate in relation to fatfree body mass". 

1960 Irma Åstrand "Aerobic work capacity in men and women - with special reference to age".

1964 Bengt Saltin "Aerobic work capacity and circulation at exercise in man - with special reference to the effect of prolonged exercise and/or heat exposure".

1964 Håkan Werner "Measuring of lip pressure. A method and its application".

1964 Hilding Wetzenstein "Eine Untersuchung der Fersenbelastung beim Gehen. Eine Methode für die Messung der Fersenbelastung beim Gehen".

1965 Gunnar Blomqvist "The Frank lead exercise electrocardiogram. A quantitative study based on averaging technique and digital computer analysis".

1966 Jesper Stenberg "The significance of the central circulation for the aerobic work capacity under various conditions in young healthy persons".

1969 Björn Ekblom "Effect of physical training on oxygen system in man".

1970 Karl-Erik Olsson "Total body water and turn over rate of water. A methodological and clinical study".

1971 Jan Karlsson "Lactate and phosphagen concentrations in working muscle of man - with special reference to oxygen deficit and the onset of work".

1972 Bengt O. Eriksson "Physical training, oxygen supply and muscle metabolism in 11-13-year old boys".

1974 Ingvar Holmér "Physiology of swimming man".

1974 Arne Lindholm "Muscle morphology and metabolism in standard-bred horses at rest and during exercise".

1974 Karin Piehl "Glycogen storage and depletion in human skeletal muscle fibres".

1976 Bertil Sjödin "Lactate dehydrogenase in human skeletal muscle".

1976 Alf Thorstensson "Muscle strength, fibre types and enzyme activities in man".

1978 Lars Larsson "Morphological and functional characteristics of the ageing muscle in man. A cross-sectional study".

1979 Hans Forssberg "On integrative motor functions in the cat´s spinal cord".

1980 Per Tesch "Muscle fatigue in man - with special reference to lactate accumulation during short term intense exercise".

1980 Ulf Bergh "Human power at subnormal temperatures".  

1981 Björn G. Jonsson "A statistical evaluation of data gathered in connection with exercise in man".

1982 Peter Wallén "Spinal mechanisms controlling dogfish and lamprey". 

1983 Jan Fridén "Exercise-induced muscle soreness. A qualitative and quantitative study of human muscle morphology and function".  

1983 Junt Halbertsma "The stride cycle of the cat: the modelling of locomotion by computerized analysis of automatic recordings".  

1983 Inge-Lis Kanstrup "Determinations of the oxygen uptake during short-term dynamic exercise in man".

1985 Jan Svedenhag "The sympatho-adrenal system in physical conditioning. Significance for training-induced adaptations and dependency on the training state".

1985 Eva Blomstrand "Muscle metabolism during intensive exercise - influence of subnormal muscle temperature".

1986 Peter G. Schantz "Plasticity of human skeletal muscle - with special reference to effects of physical training on enzyme levels of the NADH shuttles and phenotypic expression of slow and fast isoforms of myofibrillar protein". 

1987 Fredrik Celsing "Influence of iron deficiency and changes in haemoglobin concentration on exercise capacity in man".  

1989 Zetan Nie "Protein degradation, amino acid metabolism and glucose transport in rat skeletal muscle".

1994 Ylva Hellsten "Xanthine dehydrogenase and purine metabolism in man".

1995 Gi Magnusson "Factors limiting exercise capacity in heart failure: effects of local muscle training".

1995 Paul Balsom "High intensity intermittent exercise. Performance and metabolic responses with very high intensity short duration work period".

1995 Robert Hickner "Microdialysis in skeletal muscle. Development and application of the microdialysis ethanol technique".

1998 Hans Rosdahl "Microdialysis sampling from skeletal muscle and adipose tissue with special reference to the effects of insulin on tissue blood flow and glucose metabolism".

2000  Michail Tonkonogi "Mitochondrial function in human skeletal muscle - with special reference to exercise and training".

2000  Ulrika Widegren "Exercise effects on the mitogen activated protein (MAP) kinase cascade in skeletal muscle". 

2001  Christer Malm "Immunological changes in human blood and skeletal muscle in response to physical exercise".

2002  Brandon Walsh "The role of exercise and exercise-related factors in the control of mitochondrial oxidative function".

2003  Michael Svensson "Endogenous antioxidants in human skeletal muscle and adaptation in energy metabolism - with reference to exercise training, exercise-related factors and nutrition". 

2005 Örjan Ekblom "Physical fitness and overweight in Swedish youths". 

2005 H C Holmberg "Physiology of cross-country skiing - with special emphasis on the role of the upper body"

2007 Maria Fernström "Effects of endurance exercise on mitochondrial efficiency, uncoupling and lipid oxidation in human skeletal muscle"  

2010 Henrik Mascher "Intracellular Signaling in Human Skeletal Muscle Following Different Modes of Exercise"  

2011 C. Mikael Mattsson "Physiology of Adventure Racing - with emphasis on circulatory response and cardiac fatigue"

2013 Elin Ekblom Bak "Physical Activity, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Abdominal Obesity in Relation to Cardiovascular Disease Risk - Epidemiological Studies"

2014 William Apró "Regulation of protein synthesis in human skeletal muscle - separate and combined effects of exercise and amino acids."

2014 Per Frank "Exercise strategies to improve aerobic capacity, insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial biogenesis"

2014 Niklas Psilander "The effect of different exercise regimens on mitochondrial biogenesis and performance"

2016 Gustav Olsson "Studies of physical activity in the Swedish population"

2016 Marcus Moberg "Effects of exercise and amino acid intake on mechanisms regulating protein synthesis and breakdown in human muscle"

2017 Frida Björkman "Validity and reliability of a submaximal cycle ergometer test for estimation of maximal oxygen uptake"

2018 Malin Åman "Acute sport injuries and possible prevention in Sweden - an epidemiological study of insurance data at a national level"

2018 Jane Salier Eriksson "The heart rate method for estimating oxygen uptake in walking and cycle commuting"

2018 Daniele Cardinale "The significance of mitochondrial respiratory function in regulating oxygen uptake and perfomance in humans"

2019 Anna Qvarfordt "Anti-doping – a legitimate effort?: Elite athletes' perspectives on policy and practice"

2020 Amanda Ek "Betydelsen av fysisk aktivitet hos personer med hjärtsjukdom"


Licentiatavhandlingar från GCI-GIH:s fysiologiska institution nuvarande Åstrandlaboratoriet - samtliga vid Karolinska Institutet.

2007 Linda Bakkman "Mitochondrial function - influence of hypoxic training and ultra endurance exercise"  

2007 Thibault Brink-Efegoun "Limitations of maximal oxygen uptake during whole-body exercise"