Thriathlon Project at GIH

Do you love thriathlon? If your answer is yes, be a volunteer in our research study!

You can help us to understand how to improve performance during a cycle-to-run simulated transition. Participate in our research entitled: "The influence of pedal foot position on running performance during a cycle-to-run transition".

Triathlon picture


Who can participate?

Triathlete's characteristics:

  • 20-35 years old
  • Well trained (expected performance during a 5 k running time trial: < 20 min)
  • Competitive experience (> 2 years)
  • No previous injury in the last 6 months

How does it work?

  1. 1st day: maximal oxygen consumption evaluation
  2. 2nd day: cycle-to-run transition simulation with pedal foot position 1
  3. 3rd day: cycle-to-run transition simulation with pedal foot position 2

Procedures will occur at the Biomechanical and Motor Control Laboratory and LTIV Laboratory at Gymnastik- och idrottshogskolan (GIH).

What are the benefits?

Participating as a volunteer you will receive a gift from GIH and the following information below that will help you improve your training settings:

  • Maximal VO2 consumption
  • Ventilatory/heart rate thresholds
  • Cycling maximal power output and wattage/body mass ratio
  • Cycling and running asymmetries

IMPORTANT: finishing the three-day protocol you might be invited to participate in our second study that will provide information about morphological and mechanical asymmetries of plantar flexor muscles (Achilles tendon included).


Julio Cezar;, doktorand, Tel: 0737-36 50 69

Tiago Jacques;, doktorand, Tel: 0720-46 99 09

Toni Arndt;, professor, supervisor