Sprint Start Biomechanics Project at GIH

Participants wanted


Purpose of the study is to investigate how step width during the first two steps influences lower body forces and forward propulsion to answer the research question: What are the performance benefits of adopting a "skating style" sprint start?

What does participation involve?

Each participant will be recorded performing sprint starts using starting blocks in the BMC lab at GIH. Reflective markers and electromyography (EMG) electrodes will be placed on you to accurately track your motion and record your lower body muscle activity.

Only one visit to the BMC lab is required. - The data collection is expected to take approximately 2 hours.

Who can participate?

  • Male and female
  • Aged 18-30

Group 1: non-sprinters

  • Physically active - train at least 3 times per week
  • Regularly participate in sports that include acceleration as a component e.g. football, innebandy, basketball, handball, ice hockey, rugby, tennis, etc.

Group 2: club level sprinters

  • Competitive sprinters Bild sprintstart


Beginning in June 2016

In return for taking part you will receive two cinema vouchers and a computer animation of your sprint start illustrating how the various leg muscles drive your motion.

Biomechanical performance reports to athletes are normally exclusive and very expensive. Here is your chance to be given this information for free!


If you would like to participate in this study or would like further information, please contact

Paul Sandamas, doktorand GIH

paul.sandamas@gih.se , Tel: 070-509 47 69