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Här listas publikationer från Laboratoriet för biomekanik och motorisk kontroll (BMC-lab) vid GIH från de senaste åren, med de nyaste publikationerna överst.

Vetenskapliga artiklar från Laboratoriet för biomekanik och motorisk kontroll

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 Författare Titel År URL
Ainegren, Mats
Jensen, Kurt
Rosdahl, Hans
Breathing resistance in automated metabolic systems is high in comparison with the Douglas Bag method and previous recommendations 2017 -
Alfvén, G
Grillner, S
Andersson, Eva
Children with chronic stress-induced recurrent muscle pain have enhanced startle reaction. 2017 -
Fischer, Katina Mira
Willwacher, Steffen
Arndt, Anton
Wolf, Peter
Brueggemann, Gert-Peter
Calcaneal adduction in slow running 2017 -
Fröberg, Åsa
Cisse, Ann-Sophie
Larsson, Matilda
Mårtensson, Mattias
Peolsson, Michael
Movin, Tomas
Arndt, Anton
Altered patterns of displacement within the Achilles tendon following surgical repair 2017 -
Gago, Paulo
Arndt, Toni
Ekblom, Maria
Post Activation Potentiation of the Plantarflexors: Implications of Knee Angle Variations 2017 -
Maiwald, Christian
Arndt, Anton
Nester, Chris
Jones, Richard
Lundberg, Arne
Wolf, Peter
The effect of intracortical bone pin application on kinetics and tibiocalcaneal kinematics of walking gait 2017 -
Nooijen, Carla F J
Möller, Jette
Forsell, Yvonne
Ekblom, Maria
Galanti, Maria R
Engström, Karin
Do unfavourable alcohol, smoking, nutrition and physical activity predict sustained leisure time sedentary behaviour? A population-based cohort study. 2017 -
da Silva, Julio Cézar Lima
Tarassova, Olga
Ekblom, Maria
Andersson, Eva
Rönquist, Gustaf
Arndt, Anton
Quadriceps and hamstring muscle activity during cycling as measured with intramuscular electromyography. 2016 -
Dal Maso, Fabien
Blache, Yoann
Raison, Maxime
Arndt, Anton
Begon, Mickaël
Distance between rotator cuff footprints and the acromion, coracoacromial ligament, and coracoid process during dynamic arm elevations 2016 -
Frank, Per
Andersson, Eva
Pontén, Marjan
Ekblom, Björn
Ekblom, Maria
Sahlin, Kent
Strength training improves muscle aerobic capacity and glucose tolerance in elderly 2016 -

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Övriga artiklar

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 Författare Titel År URL
Andersson, Eva
Hovland, Anders
Kjellman, Bengt
Taube, Jill
Martinsen, Egil W.
Fysisk aktivitet är lika bra som läkemedel eller samtalsterapi vid depression 2016 -
Arndt, Toni
Barfota eller rejäl stötdämpning – vilka löparskor är bäst? 2016 -
Askling, Carl
Hamstrings – så hanterar du fotbollens vanligaste skada 2016 -
Bjerkefors, Anna
Squair, J W
Malik, R
Lam, T
Chen, Z
Carpenter, M G
Response to 'Diagnostic accuracy of common clinical tests for assessing abdominal muscle function after motor-complete spinal cord injury above T6'. 2015 -
Ekblom, Maria
Är du chef? Överraska mig! 2015 -

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 Författare Titel År URL
Askling, Carl Magnus
Askling, Carl Magnus
Askling, Carl Magnus
Hovland, Anders
Martinsen, Egil W.
Taube, Jill
Andersson, Eva
Kjellman, Bengt
Fysisk aktivitet vid ångestsyndrom 2016 -
Martinsen, Egil W
Hovland, Anders
Kjellman, Bengt
Taube, Jill
Andersson, Eva
Fysisk aktivitet vid depression 2016 -
Askling, Carl M.
Heiderscheit, Bryan C.
Acute Hamstring Muscle Injury 2015 -
Askling, Carl
Acute hamstring injurise in sports - types, rehabilitation, prevention 2015 -
Askling, Carl
Lengthening hamstring exercises - the key to rehabilitation success? 2015 -
Askling, Carl
Why do so many hamstring injuries occur/recur? 2015 -
Askling, Carl
Prevention of hamstring injuries 2015 -

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Äldre publikationer i urval 2008 – 2010

Artiklar i internationella referentgranskade vetenskapliga tidskrifter

  • Tinmark, F., J. Hellström, K. Halvorsen, and A. Thorstensson. Elite golfers’ kinematic sequence in full-swing and partial-swing shots. Sports Biomech 9. 236-244, 2010

  • Nordlund Ekblom, M.M. Improvements in dynamic plantar flexor strength after resistance training are associated with increased voluntary activation and V-to-M ratio. J Appl Physiol 109.19-26, 2010

  • Askling, C., J. Nilsson, and A. Thorstensson. A new hamstring test to complement the common clinical examination before return to sport after injury. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 18. 1798-1803, 2010

  • Bjerkefors, A., M.M. Ekblom, K. Josefsson, and A. Thorstensson. Deep and superficial abdominal muscle activation during trunk stabilization exercises with and without instruction to hollow. Manual Therapy 15. 502-507, 2010

  • Åberg, A.-C., Frykberg, G.E., and K. Halvorsen. Medio-lateral stability of sit-to-walk performance in older individuals with and without fear of falling. Gait & Posture 31. 438-443, 2010

  • Tokuno, C.D., A.G. Cresswell, A. Thorstensson, and M.G. Carpenter. Age-related changes in postural responses revealed by support-surface translations with a long acceleration- deceleration interval. Clin Neurophysiol 121. 109-117, 2010

  • Eriksson Crommert, A.E.M. and A. Thorstensson. Trunk muscle reactions to sudden unexpected and expected perturbations in the absence of upright postural demand. Exp Brain Res 196. 385-392, 2009

  • Bjerkefors, A., M.G. Carpenter, A.G. Cresswell, and A. Thorstensson. Trunk muscle activation in a person with a clinically complete spinal cord injury. J Rehab Med 41. 390-392, 2009

  • Gullstrand, L., K. Halvorsen, F. Tinmark, M. Eriksson, and J. Nilsson. Measurements of vertical displacement in running, a methodological comparison. Gait & Posture 30. 71-75, 2009

  • Halvorsen, K., M. Eriksson, L. Gullstrand, F. Tinmark, and J. Nilsson. Minimalmarker set for center of mass estimation in running. Gait & Posture 30. 552-555, 2009

  • Gullstrand, L. and J. Nilsson. A new method for recording the temporal pattern of stride during treadmill running. Sports Engin 11. 195-200, 2009

  • Carpenter, M.G., C.D. Tokuno, A. Thorstensson, and A.G. Creswell. Differential control of abdominal muscles during multi-directional support-surface translations in man. Exp Brain Res 188. 445-455, 2008

  • Tokuno, C.D., S.J. Garland, M.G. Carpenter, A. Thorstensson, and A.G. Creswell. Sway-dependent modulation of the triceps surae H-reflex during standing. J Appl Physiol 104. 1359-1365, 2008

  • Askling, C.M., M. Tengvar, T. Saartok, and A. Thorstensson. Proximal hamstring strains of stretching type in different sports. Injury situations, clinical and magnetic resonance imaging characteristics, and return to sport. Am J Sports Med 36. 1799-1804, 2008

  • Saldanha, A., M.M. Nordlund, and A. Thorstensson. Central fatigue affects plantar flexor strength after prolonged running. Scand J Med Sci Sports 18. 383-388, 2008

  • Eriksson Crommert, M. and A. Thorstensson. Trunk muscle coordination in reaction to load-release in a position without vertical postural demand. Exp Brain Res 185. 383-390, 2008

  • Holmberg, H.C. and J. Nilsson. Reliability and validity of a new double poling ergometer for cross-country skiers. J Sports Sci 26. 171-179, 2008

  • Karlsen, J., G. Smith, and J. Nilsson. The stroke has a minor influence on direction consistency in golf putting among elite players. J Sports Sci 3. 243-250, 2008