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Här listas publikationer från Laboratoriet för biomekanik och motorisk kontroll (BMC-lab) vid GIH från de senaste åren, med de nyaste publikationerna överst.

Vetenskapliga artiklar från Laboratoriet för biomekanik och motorisk kontroll

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 Författare Titel År URL
Alfvén, G
Grillner, S
Andersson, Eva
Children with chronic stress-induced recurrent muscle pain have enhanced startle reaction. 2017 -
Maiwald, Christian
Arndt, Anton
Nester, Chris
Jones, Richard
Lundberg, Arne
Wolf, Peter
The effect of intracortical bone pin application on kinetics and tibiocalcaneal kinematics of walking gait 2017 -
da Silva, Julio Cézar Lima
Tarassova, Olga
Ekblom, Maria
Andersson, Eva
Rönquist, Gustaf
Arndt, Anton
Quadriceps and hamstring muscle activity during cycling as measured with intramuscular electromyography. 2016 -
Dal Maso, Fabien
Blache, Yoann
Raison, Maxime
Arndt, Anton
Begon, Mickaël
Distance between rotator cuff footprints and the acromion, coracoacromial ligament, and coracoid process during dynamic arm elevations 2016 -
Frank, Per
Andersson, Eva
Pontén, Marjan
Ekblom, Björn
Ekblom, Maria
Sahlin, Kent
Strength training improves muscle aerobic capacity and glucose tolerance in elderly 2016 -
Fröberg, Åsa
Mårtensson, Mattias
Larsson, Matilda
Janerot-Sjöberg, Birgitta
D'Hooge, Jan
Arndt, Anton
High variability in strain estimation errors when using a commercial ultrasound speckle tracking algorithm on tendon tissue. 2016 Fulltext
Lanferdini, Fábio J
Bini, Rodrigo R
Figueiredo, Pedro
Diefenthaeler, Fernando
Mota, Carlos B
Arndt, Anton
Vaz, Marco A
Differences in Pedaling Technique in Cycling 2016 Fulltext
Michaud, B.
Jackson, M.
Arndt, Anton
Lundberg, A.
Begon, M.
Determining in vivo sternoclavicular, acromioclavicular and glenohumeral joint centre locations from skin markers, CT-scans and intracortical pins 2016 -
Nilsson, Johnny E
Rosdahl, Hans G
Contribution of Leg Muscle Forces to Paddle Force and Kayak Speed During Maximal Effort Flat-Water Paddling. 2016 -
Priego Quesada, Jose Ignacio
Jacques, Tiago Canal
Bini, Rodrigo R.
Carpes, Felipe P.
Importance of static adjustment of knee angle to determine saddle height in cycling 2016 Fulltext

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 Författare Titel År URL
Andersson, Eva
Hovland, Anders
Kjellman, Bengt
Taube, Jill
Martinsen, Egil W.
Fysisk aktivitet är lika bra som läkemedel eller samtalsterapi vid depression 2016 -
Arndt, Toni
Barfota eller rejäl stötdämpning – vilka löparskor är bäst? 2016 -
Askling, Carl
Hamstrings – så hanterar du fotbollens vanligaste skada 2016 -
Bjerkefors, Anna
Squair, J W
Malik, R
Lam, T
Chen, Z
Carpenter, M G
Response to 'Diagnostic accuracy of common clinical tests for assessing abdominal muscle function after motor-complete spinal cord injury above T6'. 2015 -
Ekblom, Maria
Är du chef? Överraska mig! 2015 -

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 Författare Titel År URL
Askling, Carl Magnus
Askling, Carl Magnus
Askling, Carl Magnus
Hovland, Anders
Martinsen, Egil W.
Taube, Jill
Andersson, Eva
Kjellman, Bengt
Fysisk aktivitet vid ångestsyndrom 2016 -
Martinsen, Egil W
Hovland, Anders
Kjellman, Bengt
Taube, Jill
Andersson, Eva
Fysisk aktivitet vid depression 2016 -
Askling, Carl M.
Heiderscheit, Bryan C.
Acute Hamstring Muscle Injury 2015 -
Askling, Carl
Acute hamstring injurise in sports - types, rehabilitation, prevention 2015 -
Askling, Carl
Lengthening hamstring exercises - the key to rehabilitation success? 2015 -
Askling, Carl
Why do so many hamstring injuries occur/recur? 2015 -
Askling, Carl
Prevention of hamstring injuries 2015 -

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Äldre publikationer i urval 2008 – 2010

Artiklar i internationella referentgranskade vetenskapliga tidskrifter

  • Tinmark, F., J. Hellström, K. Halvorsen, and A. Thorstensson. Elite golfers’ kinematic sequence in full-swing and partial-swing shots. Sports Biomech 9. 236-244, 2010

  • Nordlund Ekblom, M.M. Improvements in dynamic plantar flexor strength after resistance training are associated with increased voluntary activation and V-to-M ratio. J Appl Physiol 109.19-26, 2010

  • Askling, C., J. Nilsson, and A. Thorstensson. A new hamstring test to complement the common clinical examination before return to sport after injury. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy 18. 1798-1803, 2010

  • Bjerkefors, A., M.M. Ekblom, K. Josefsson, and A. Thorstensson. Deep and superficial abdominal muscle activation during trunk stabilization exercises with and without instruction to hollow. Manual Therapy 15. 502-507, 2010

  • Åberg, A.-C., Frykberg, G.E., and K. Halvorsen. Medio-lateral stability of sit-to-walk performance in older individuals with and without fear of falling. Gait & Posture 31. 438-443, 2010

  • Tokuno, C.D., A.G. Cresswell, A. Thorstensson, and M.G. Carpenter. Age-related changes in postural responses revealed by support-surface translations with a long acceleration- deceleration interval. Clin Neurophysiol 121. 109-117, 2010

  • Eriksson Crommert, A.E.M. and A. Thorstensson. Trunk muscle reactions to sudden unexpected and expected perturbations in the absence of upright postural demand. Exp Brain Res 196. 385-392, 2009

  • Bjerkefors, A., M.G. Carpenter, A.G. Cresswell, and A. Thorstensson. Trunk muscle activation in a person with a clinically complete spinal cord injury. J Rehab Med 41. 390-392, 2009

  • Gullstrand, L., K. Halvorsen, F. Tinmark, M. Eriksson, and J. Nilsson. Measurements of vertical displacement in running, a methodological comparison. Gait & Posture 30. 71-75, 2009

  • Halvorsen, K., M. Eriksson, L. Gullstrand, F. Tinmark, and J. Nilsson. Minimalmarker set for center of mass estimation in running. Gait & Posture 30. 552-555, 2009

  • Gullstrand, L. and J. Nilsson. A new method for recording the temporal pattern of stride during treadmill running. Sports Engin 11. 195-200, 2009

  • Carpenter, M.G., C.D. Tokuno, A. Thorstensson, and A.G. Creswell. Differential control of abdominal muscles during multi-directional support-surface translations in man. Exp Brain Res 188. 445-455, 2008

  • Tokuno, C.D., S.J. Garland, M.G. Carpenter, A. Thorstensson, and A.G. Creswell. Sway-dependent modulation of the triceps surae H-reflex during standing. J Appl Physiol 104. 1359-1365, 2008

  • Askling, C.M., M. Tengvar, T. Saartok, and A. Thorstensson. Proximal hamstring strains of stretching type in different sports. Injury situations, clinical and magnetic resonance imaging characteristics, and return to sport. Am J Sports Med 36. 1799-1804, 2008

  • Saldanha, A., M.M. Nordlund, and A. Thorstensson. Central fatigue affects plantar flexor strength after prolonged running. Scand J Med Sci Sports 18. 383-388, 2008

  • Eriksson Crommert, M. and A. Thorstensson. Trunk muscle coordination in reaction to load-release in a position without vertical postural demand. Exp Brain Res 185. 383-390, 2008

  • Holmberg, H.C. and J. Nilsson. Reliability and validity of a new double poling ergometer for cross-country skiers. J Sports Sci 26. 171-179, 2008

  • Karlsen, J., G. Smith, and J. Nilsson. The stroke has a minor influence on direction consistency in golf putting among elite players. J Sports Sci 3. 243-250, 2008